Why Work With a Small Business Enterprise?

Here at Red-Line, we are proud to be a small business enterprise that takes good care of our customers. Our long-time customers know that bigger is not always better in the business world, and our custom chemical blending services are complemented by our focus on partnerships.

Customer Care
As a small business, we guarantee that every customer will receive preferred attention from our salespeople and production crew. It is common for every one of our eight employees to know a regular customer by name. Customers can feel free to drop-in when needed, and we are available for more frequent meetings without a lot of difficult procedures. Also, if a customer has an issue, they can address it directly with the person responsible, and we guarantee we will find a solution quickly. Because we create a relationship with every customer, long-term partnerships are easier and more profitable, and chances are you will work with the same people every time you come back to us. Simply put, small businesses equate to better customer relationships.
Production Adaptability
Red-Line’s small business size also allows us to be more flexible in our toll production. We accept small and large batches with the same eager customer service. We can concentrate on what is essential to your production needs, and any decision-making is done quickly, typically with just one person. We also have the flexibility to easily change the product or procedure when needed and even to experiment with innovative new processes, with no bureaucratic hampering.
Pride in our Services
Small business owners and employees are dedicated to their business and immensely proud to provide their services to you. In order to efficiently run a small business enterprise, our owners mastered numerous disciplines, and they put all their financial and production knowledge to work to give you the highest quality product at the best price. We are passionate about helping your business succeed, and our passion is reflected in our products.

So if you need any toll blending or chemical manufacturing services, give Red-Line a try – we know you’ll be satisfied.