Once your product is blended or packaged you have the option to warehouse your product at our site. Long term and short term storage is available. We will also assist in coordinating your 3rd party shipments to your customer. All labels, shipment bills of lading and/or documents will identify your company as the shipper.
Our warehouse storage services ensure your products are secure and warehoused under good manufacturing practices.totes
Our location is within a short drive of I-77, I-85, I-20, and I-26. We are 30 minutes of Charlotte Douglas International Airport for air transit and less than a 3 hour drive to the Port of Charleston (SC).
Metropolitan areas such as Charlotte, NC is within 20 minutes and Raleigh, Durham and Greensboro and Columbia (SC) metropolitan areas are only a few hours of travel.
Delivery of product to a 50 mile radius from our facility is available for those emergent needs.

Red Line Chemical Facility

Monthly, or when required, we provide an inventory of your products on hand whether it is raw material or finished products. If desired, we can also provide notification when your inventories reach a minimum critical stock level.
What is your advantage?IMG_6521
  • You reduce your overhead costs by not having to fund warehouse storage space.
  • If blended at our location, your products do not inquire additional transfer costs to another storage facility.
  • Your products are stored in a safe and 24 hour security camera monitored facility.
  • Accurate inventory tracking for raw materials used or finished product shipped.
  • Packaging options such as palletizing, banding, shrink-wrapping
  • Coordination to support your international shipping is available.
  • Store your product close to your customer.
  • ISO 9001:2008 governed managed practices are followed for your product storage.
  • We handle your returns and coordinate with you regarding their disposal or restocking.
  • You can coordinate your business logistics from any location worldwide without worry.