Toll Manufacturing

Our flagship service at Red-Line is Toll Blending. Once a confidential agreement is in place, we review your complex chemical formulations and specifications to ensure our process capabilities match your needs.
We know that each blend has intricate processes that must be measured, analyzed and reviewed before continuance. With our specialized equipment and knowledgeable staff, you can rest assured that your blend will be in accordance to your standards.
Small amounts are not a problem as we have no minimums.
17 stainless steel process vessels or tanks are on hand with varying apparatus to meet your demand.
After completion, a detailed batch sheet is provided to you for inventory adjustments and to review of the blend process. A certificate of analysis is also prepared of the necessary quality assurance test.
Blends are complete within 24 hours after receipt of order and raw materials are on hand.


4000 Gallon Mixing Vessel
5500 Gallon Mixing Vessel