Secrets to Toll Blending Success

At Red-Line, our business is blending. Every day, our focus is on blending, blending, and more blending. What we do is referred to as toll blending: companies create their own chemicals, bring the recipes to us, and we mass-produce the chemicals accurately and efficiently. Unlike some other toll-blending companies, we don’t depend on any products of our own for revenue, allowing us to focus on the customer’s success instead of competing with them. Simply put, if we don’t blend others’ chemicals, we’ll close our operation. So what keeps our small business successful for 27 years? We perform all toll blending with accuracy. Sounds simple, right?


Secrets to Toll Blending Success
Secrets to Toll Blending Success

Actually, we rely heavily on many interactions working in harmony for our smooth and efficient operation.
Three elements drive our success at Red-Line:

Customer relationships: We interact openly with all our customers, support their products, and adjust to their customized needs.
Effective processes: Great people, reliable equipment, and invaluable know-how.
Quality and Product Service Delivery: We make our products the right way and meet all our delivery schedules.

All that to say that our focus is on YOU, the customer, and we are dedicated to meeting your needs with every product you bring to us. Let us do the dirty work – with a business to run, you’ve got enough to worry about.