Quality Controlled Lab Analysis

At Red-Line we are equipped with an on-site laboratory to provide laboratory analysis to ensure quality and consistent results. We have an extensive list of monitoring and measuring equipment to conduct most quality control procedures. All laboratory equipment has periodic monthly, quarterly and annual calibrations as documented within the ISO 9001:2008 work instructions.
Your product stability is important to us. When you or your customer receives your product, you want it to meet the established standards. We understand this. Our motto is QUALITY FIRST. We put that to practice by blending the product you have contracted us to produce, and to do so within your specifications.
How does this occur?
Prior to Blending: Our quality control testing begins at the receipt of raw materials. Each raw material is inspected for a MSDS/SDS. We also verify the product does not have an expired shelf life. We ensure the material has arrived with a Certificate Analysis or Quality Control (QC) Report affixed. Since there are multiple producers of chemical commodities, we know that not all are produced the same and there may be a slight variance associated.
By reviewing the quality control report accompanied with the raw material, we may determine if there will be a corresponding effect on the final product. If a raw material is within a low or high range, it will most often affect the reading of the final blended product and reflect on its certificate of analysis. By determining this before-hand, our chemist or technicians may confer with your staff prior to blending to see if there are alternate precautions to take.
Upon completing the batch, final samplings from the top and bottom are pulled to ensure a uniform blend has occurred. The Certificate of Analysis or Quality Control Report will be provided to you with the corresponding batch control sheet. Data is entered to keep trend analysis on each final product to determine if products are trending in a particular direction. This will provide you with preliminary information for monitoring.
When the product meets its quality control standards, samplings are drawn, cataloged and retain in our laboratory storage. The samples are held for reference for up to one year or longer as required. When requested, samples can be sent via courier services for further evaluation at your facility.
Have some development or analytical work to perform? Your chemist or personnel are welcome to use our facility during visits. We will provide a brief overview and offer any assistance necessary. By working together, our technicians will have on-hand knowledge of your test procedures.
We continue to add to our quality control test lab. So if there is an apparatus that is not in our inventory but necessary to the final evaluation of your product, then we will source the equipment. Also, we have coordinated with local universities to provide various test if needed.







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