Pilot Batch Processing

Pilot batches are commonly referred to as reference sampling, or a“test run” in some cases by a developer.
Whatever the term, we welcome the opportunity to serve in your supply chain by offering our expertise in production of your pilot batches.
When discussing the right sized pilot batch to produce, we generally recommend 10% of the planned production though this percentage is not set in stone. We know there can be some differentiation encountered when producing a product as a “pilot batch” compared to a full-scale production.
Inherent changes due to agitation, thermodynamic reactions, material properties, and fluid dynamics all can affect the outcome.
Maggie Mixing a Sample Batch
A pilot batch enables our production manager to see in advance how a product would fair when produced in a larger scale.
Through many years of experience, our technicians may even recommend various techniques to ensure a homogeneous solution is achieved.
Our personnel will provide input as to how the procedural order of blending would be realized when scaling to a larger vessel. For instance, the sequence of charging raw materials to a vessel may need rearranging if not crucial to reactions. While it would be amenable in a small vessel it may not be the premium method during scaling up.
Pilot batches reduce your overall risk by not expending costly raw materials which may end without the predetermined success.
Additionally, small pilot batch sizes provide the opportunity to work with smaller amounts of material to easily control the process.
Varying the heating and cooling can be accomplished with quicker efficiency in small batches, Red-Line technicians will seek to match to the large scale to achieve the exact results.
This is where our expertise is valuable!
Dripping in the beaker
There are numerous vessels available at Red-Line to conduct pilot blends. These vessels range in size from 5 gallon, 10 drum capacity. All are fixed with operating equipment for agitating, stirring, and dispersing.